The Art of Living in Spain” is a full-service design construction firm dedicated to provide a level of outstanding service. Through our designs and construction work, we seek to make a lasting impression on every individual who encounters our creations and construction work. Our attention to detail and eye for Quality and design ensures your clients a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. We pride ourselves in providing for each and every client a design that is tailor-made to their sense of style, aesthetics, budget and usage.

We are an organization that understands very well the trusted relation an agent has with it’s clients. We have worked with realestate agents since 1999 so understand every asset of this relationship and how important it is to deliver up to the expected standard.
We are your one stop company.

From this experience and philosophy we created three departments:

1) Decoration and full furnishing. We install with our own team and are able to create custom made style advice. But we understand not only the needs and wishes for residential use, but also what needs to be done and included when a property is going to be rented out.

2) Construction and refurbishment, for transparency The Art Of Living in Spain never sells directly to end customers when we offer one of our own renovations on the market, for this we are always a trusted supplier to the agent network. But next to our own properties that we renovate, we are also very keen to renovate or construct for your clients their dream property. We have a team of 25 people well selected during the years who are all trained to deliver up to the highest standard.

3) Holiday rental, our sister company La gardenia service is the exclusive representative for OYO. Offering the listing of your clients properties with OYO worlds biggest property rental portal. Recently they bought Belvila and created a partnership with 2.500 OTA’s of which to name two and so one listing for 2500 rental sites.



A note from Chantal Oorbals

To me Interior Design is the art of capturing the essence of a space, transforming ordinary spaces to wonderful aesthetically pleasing spaces. Though the design must evoke emotions and even seduce, it is imperative that it is functional and safe.

When I begin a project, I take into consideration the architectural aspects of the space inside and out, in order to either compliment the architectural aesthetics of the place or to create a contrast between the exterior and the interior.  It is important to keep the clients’ needs in mind and the project criteria, but not to be limited to it.  Instead, a designer must be able to provide their clients with what they need while incorporating aspects that will positively exceed the clients’ expectations.

The beauty of design is that there is an abundance of wonderful ideas and inspirations if we observe closely around us. Ideas and inspirations may not necessarily be directly related to design and architecture; I found that the best isn’t.

I thrive to provide my clients with the best possible design services, as Interior Design is not only my career but very much my passion.

Secondly, I can tell that I’m very proud of our installation team, who always make sure that the creations are realized on a very professional way.