The Art of Living in Spain is a one-stop property company, managed by a team of highly experienced Dutch professionals. A full-service real estate rental, design and construction firm dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service. Through our designs, construction works and professional services – like furnishing and decoration – we have made a lasting impression on hundreds of clients over the years.

Since 1999 we have worked exclusively for real estate agents and therefore we understand very well the trusted relationship between real estate agents and their clients. We know how important it is to deliver to the highest standards and in line with expectations. Our attention to detail and eye for quality and design ensures your clients a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience. We pride ourselves in providing each client a design that is tailor-made to their sense of style, aesthetics, budget and usage.

The Art of Living in Spain consists of three main departments:

1) Construction & Refurbishment. From refurbishments (big or small) to new builds, we provide all possible services, working exclusively with our in-house team of 25 highly skilled and experienced professionals in architecture and construction. We supervise each project following a meticulous quality control service and keep your clients up to date with progress reports.

2) Decoration & Furnishing. With our own styling team, we provide your clients with custom-made advice and full installation of decoration and furniture. Moreover, we understand not only the needs and wishes for residential use, but also what should be considered when a property will be used for renting out.

3) Holiday Rental. The Art of Living in Spain is the exclusive representative for OYO/ Belvilla on the Costa Cálida. OYO is one of the world’s biggest property rental portals and recently bought Belvilla. Through our partnership, we can list your client’s property and offer it with 2.500 online travel agencies, like and Airbnb.

A note from Chantal Oorbals

To me Interior Design is the art of capturing the essence of a space, transforming ordinary spaces into wonderful and aesthetically pleasing spaces. Though the design must evoke emotions and even seduce, it is imperative that it is also functional and safe.

When I begin a project, I take into consideration the architectural aspects of the space inside and out, in order to either compliment the architectural aesthetics of the place or to create a contrast between the exterior and the interior. It is important to keep in mind the clients’ needs and the project criteria, but not to be limited by it.  Instead, a designer must be able to provide their clients with what they need while incorporating aspects that will positively exceed the clients’ expectations.

The beauty of design is that there is an abundance of wonderful ideas and inspirations available, just by observing our surroundings. Ideas and inspirations may not necessarily be directly related to design and architecture; I found out that the best ideas are not.

I thrive to provide my clients with the best possible design services, as Interior Design is not only my career but very much my passion. Secondly, I want to mention that I’m very proud of our installation team, that always makes sure that the creations are realized in a very professional way.