Special Projects

The Art Of Living In Spain has more than 20 years of experience in concept creation, interior design, construction, renovation, resort development and other large projects. We have combined our strength, knowledge and network that has emerged from this with the services of various financial institutions, investors, real estate operators and other parties.

These collaborations have resulted in the Special Projects department that focuses on exploiting unique real estate opportunities in Spain (new construction or redevelopment) and – if necessary – also finances them. These special projects vary in type depending on the opportunities that arise at any given time.



In this context, The Art Of Living In Spain currently focuses on the following types of projects:

1. (Re) development of residential care complexes for seniors and related projects. This follows from our in-depth analysis of the Spanish market for elderly care homes, which offers unique opportunities both now and in the coming decades. As can be read in the report, the Murcia region will have the greatest need for investment in these types of projects in the coming years.

2. We have also noticed an increasing demand in recent years for luxury residential resorts in Spain for seniors who come from the northern part of Western Europe, where the care component plays a less important role. With this type of resort, the focus is mainly on creating the ultimate living experience and offering (high-end) amenities that make life pleasant. In this respect, we enter partnerships with experienced (foreign) operators, among others.

3. The Art Of Living In Spain has also gained extensive experience in the field of real estate related to wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Hotels and resorts that focus on these aspects are gaining increasing interest. We have already developed several concepts where the individual is the starting point. Based on his or her profile, he or she can then enjoy a personalized stay in specially equipped high-quality resorts.

4. The fourth pillar of our Special Projects department focuses on the development of competitively priced villa resorts. The focus is on building bungalows according to high Northern European quality standards, which also meet the highest energy standards. We develop these projects in collaboration with various designers and other parties.


We have identified several potential projects in the above categories and will expand our activities in the coming period. Please contact us if your company would like to work with us on the above projects. This can be as an operator, co-developer, investor / financier or in another capacity.