June 22, 2022 TAOLIS

At the end of March 2016, we bought a house in Murcia, Mosa Trajectum. The house looked reasonable but a lot needed to be done. We started looking for a specialized company in the area. We encountered La Gardenia Service & Travel. This company turned out to be able to offer us a total package for a very favourable price. In response to our wishes, we received a suitable offer for both the paintwork and the entire interior design of the house, from furniture to curtains, from kitchen to garden furniture and from air conditioning to sanitary facilities.

When buying a house abroad, it is a must that everything can be arranged remotely. This piece of care is exactly what La Gardenia Service & Travel has offered us. During the renovation and furnishing we have been informed continuously of all progress. The entire “operation” took a total of 2 weeks. We arrived in a totally renovated and furnished house.

The cooperation was very good and trusted, we still experience the contact as very pleasant. We continue using their services, such as cleaning the house and washing towels and bed linen after every stay. With them, everything is possible and that gives us great peace of mind.