June 22, 2022 TAOLIS

It was a privilege to meet Chantal and her equally passionate and hyper-correct employees at the start of the construction works on my Spanish home. I deliberately do not mention a company name, because a company is only as strong as the people who work there! Chantal has a lot of deep knowledge of technical matters, market knowledge, good taste, she is very service driven and problem solving and all from a purely positive attitude and always with a smile and correct!

And if something does go wrong, it will be resolved in no time and super professional. What a contrast to many other experiences in Spain. I think I can say that Chantal managed the finishing of my property from A to Z. A complete service package that is unparalleled. From fork to salt barrel, to custom cabinets and electronics to hanging curtains and pool maintenance. Chantal has proven to be my support and anchor in everything!

Chantal’s professionals are at home in all markets. From custom-made tables and cabinets to expanding my terrace. They won’t settle for less than perfection! Even though I wanted to settle for something simpler and therefore cheaper for the storage cupboard in my garage, for example … Impossible! They will not settle for less than top quality! The showpiece was the creation of a custom-made mobile gas cooking table designed by myself. The result is in fact suitable for the catalogue of the top brands. Thanks for everything Chantal!